Our Vision and Core Values

Our Vision:

Find the Way! Know the Truth! Live the Life!

The Way:

  • The Way is only found in Christ Jesus: His death, burial and resurrection.
  • God has chosen to reveal this Way through the Gospel.
  • God has given us the Great Commission to proclaim the Gospel to all people.

The Truth:

  • Truth is revealed in the person of Christ Jesus.
  • We come to know Truth through God’s word.
  • God’s word transforms us as we read, study and pray through it.

The Life:

  • The Life of Christ Jesus is Eternal Life that is the light of men and has been given to us.
  • Eternal Life begins the day of our conversion forward John 17:3
  • We are given new Life and are new creations with a new purpose in Him

Core Values:

We are committed to reach the world for Jesus Christ and live our lives to bring Him honor and glory. We daily want to grow in our faith and live it out by:

  1. Prayer: We hold prayer as a central core value of the church. We are encouraged to pray individually and corporately in the scriptures.
  2. Discipleship: We believe we are meant to grow in the faith through prayer, study and worship to look more and more like Christ Jesus
  3. Community: We believe in gathering together to comfort, encourage, support, restore and build up each other in our Christian lives.     
  4. Ministry: We believe God has created each one of us for a special purpose in His plan to redeem mankind. We seek to find and develop our gifts to serve Christ in the purpose He called us to.
  5. Worship: We believe worship is giving God glory in song and living our lives for Him that others may glorify Him as well.
  6. Evangelism: We believe in telling others God’s story in the gospel to reach them for the cause of Christ. 
  7. Mentorship: We believe the bible teaches the mature believers to disciple and mentor younger believers. 
  8. Word Centered: Everything we believe and do are centered on the Word of God.