Crossway Christian Academy is a series of courses on Biblical Education aimed to strengthen the Christian Life. The Academy provides and an atmosphere of learning and spiritual growth with the intent of laying a foundation of knowledge sourced in the Word of God.

The 3 Goals of the Academy

  1.  Building a foundation of the Bible, Genesis through Revelation.
  2. Create a culture of spiritual growth and learning that will endure beyond the classroom.
  3. Equipping believers with the tools to become biblically mature


How Long is the Program?

The program is consists of 2 academic years and is made up of 8 courses.


What Courses are Included?

Year 1- 101 Read Genesis through Psalms

  • 101- Semester 1- 12 Weeks

    • New Testament Survey
    • Biblical Studies
  • 102-Semester 2- 12 Weeks

    • Old Testament Survey
    • Introduction to Creation

Year 2- 201 Read Proverbs through Revelation

  • 201- Semester 1- 12 Weeks

    • Basic Christian Theology

    • Understanding Christian Worldview

  • 202- Semester 2- 12 Weeks

    • Finding your call and fulfilling God’s Mission

    • Basic Apologetics


Who Can take the Course?

Really anyone who wants to grow in their faith and knowledge of the Word of God. Otherwise, the courses would be great to offer to high school students and their parents so that they can have a firm foundation before going off to college or starting their adult life.

This is also a great avenue for those who want to grow in the Word of God but cannot afford bible college or bible college is not a feasible option. These courses will be a blessing to the pursuit of any ministry and a great foundation for lifelong discipleship to Christ.


When will Classes Begin?

Classes will begin the first week of September and will last until Mid November. The Spring Semester will begin in January.


How Much Does it Cost?

Our church sees this as a ministry to believers and families. We understand that many families do not have the income to send their kids to a Christian school or to pay for college to grow in the bible and their faith. What can we do? We offer solid biblical education for a cost that is extremely affordable. We are a church and thus non-profit. All costs of our program are only reimbursements to the church for materials used for CCA that students will own. The initial reimbursement is $60 for the first student (for the whole 2 year course) because it includes a small beginners library for their household, If a member of the same household wants to attend as well but does not need the library since one has already been provided then the cost is only $20 for material. Additional costs will be minimal and optional. Books may be recommended by the teachers for the classes.


What if I Have More Questions?

 If you have further questions, feel free to email us at


Where Can I sign Up?

Just click HERE. Fill out the Crossway Christian Academy Sign-up form and email it to