How to become a Crossway Member:

One of the first steps you can take is to become a Crossway Member. When you are a part of the body of believers and join Crossway, you believe that God wants you to function in this body to accomplish the mission that God has given Crossway and you.

When you join Crossway church, the church is locking arms with you to fulfill everything God has designed the body to meet in your life. We are here to take this journey of life with you and help you fulfill everything God created you for. Membership has two fundamental benefits: 1. the church wants to join you and help you fulfill your purpose and 2. Membership gives you an avenue to live out that purpose by investing into the lives of others. God has designed you for both, if you are interested further, here is what to do:


Exhibit a profession of faith and baptism either:

1. By baptism (immersion) at this local church following a profession of faith as a believer in Christ Jesus as personal Savior;

2. By letter of transfer from another Bible-believing church of like faith and practice, or other written statement of good standing from the prior church if the applicant has been baptized subsequent to a profession of faith;

3. By testimony of faith, having been baptized in another Bible-believing church of like faith and practice;